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Opening the door to higher ed

About the Company

EasyAccess began in fall 2020 with a chance meeting on a basketball court between two people whose mission is to empower all students living in under-resourced communities across the globe to advance their lives through access to quality higher education.


We believe that education is the key to social mobility and that every person has the right to have a quality education wherever they live in the world.

Our mission is to create equity tools for students, schools, and universities to help disadvantaged communities access quality higher education and careers.

Currently, EasyAccess is focused on creating the best possible college search experience for American high school students interested in attending 2 and 4-year colleges. Knowing where to apply to college is the first, and often most confusing, step in the college application process. Creating a good college list is also key to having affordable college options at the end of the process.

Easy Access is a member of the Launch Chapel Hill Entrepreneurship Accelerator's Summer 2020 cohort. 

Meet the Team

Vitaly Headshot.png

Vitaly Radsky

Vitaly is a current Ph.D. student in Education Policy, Leadership, and School Improvement at UNC-Chapel Hill. Previously, he served four years as a college adviser with College Advising Corps, a national college access non-profit. He also worked in education technology and overseas with international students in Azerbaijan.

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Rocky Moon

Rocky is a College Readiness Counselor at the Emily Krzyzewski Center in Durham, NC, where he creates and implements college-going programming for under-resourced, academically focused high school students. He has been working in the field of college access since 2009 when he was an Upward Bound Program Coordinator at the University of Georgia.


Careers and Getting Involved

Easy Access is a start-up based in the Chapel Hill- Durham- Raleigh area of North Carolina. 

As we are just getting started we welcome all kinds of assistance, including (but not limited to):

  • web & mobile developers-- anyone from students to experienced developers looking to make a difference

  • experienced college advisers willing to help us create amazing content,

  • entrepreneurship mentors and advisers

  • anyone who can connect us to funding & accelerators

  • high school counselors and students interested in user testing our products


If you have an idea for how to make our site better or how to improve higher education access for students, we'd love to hear from you.

See our career openings. Currently, we are looking for marketing and software development interns as well as content creators with experience in college counseling. However, we want to hear from anyone who believes in our mission.

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