Connect with your students about college!

A new caseload management tool designed to help counselors guide their students through the college application process!

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Features That Get the Job Done

Caseload Management View

Fully customizable grid features that help counselors track and organize their student cohorts and make sure that each student stays on track for their post-secondary plans.

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Student Profile View

Track detailed information about each student all in one place. Track student progress, take notes on student meetings and help students build their college lists.

Track Student Progress

Track student progress throughout junior and senior year, making sure that each student completes each step in preparation for their post-secondary transition.

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Connect with the Easy Access Student App

Connect with our student app designed to help students navigate the college application process, from planning their high school schedule, to building a college list, to applying for financial aid.

Easy Data Upload from Excel

Upload student data from Microsoft Excel (.csv) files to get started. Or enter data manually in our spreadsheet-based Caseload Management View.

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Easy Data Download to Create Reports

Download interaction and college enrollment data back to Excel to create reports for administration.

College Search & List Building

Sort colleges by affordability & selectivity to help students build balanced college lists.

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